Team: Tony Clark

I say “dude” a lot. Even to my sister. I sing in the car. My favorite movie is “Drop Dead Gorgeous.” I fist pumped way before the Jersey Shore boys made it popular. Got your attention?I’m a hometown boy. I grew up on the south side of Milwaukee, went to a Catholic grade school, transitioned to a bilingual school (hablo Espanol un poquito – did I say that right?), went on to graduate from Pius XI High School (shout out to the Popes and the Fine Arts Dept.!), then stayed in town where I learned the broadcast biz with Mr. Z and the crew at UW-Milwaukee. And as a gift for doing my time, I got a framed piece of paper that says I’m a Bachelor – how cool is that? While at college, I partied. But you don’t need to know that. I also interned at FOX6 and I learned from the best right here. But when I graduated, I was already working in radio – you may or may not know me as my former self, Tony Zamboni on 103.7 KISS FM. Worked there for six years, then traveled east to work at Cedar Point, the “World’s Best Amusement Park” where I ran the Tilt-a-Whirl and mopped up…well, nevermind.And now, I’m back home, doing what I’m convinced is my calling – to entertain, share life experiences, to talk, and occasionally, make you spit your coffee out. Just make sure you have paper towels handy to clean up afterwords. I’m so excited to be here with Kat, Rob, Cassandra and Nicole. Come along for the ride – I promise you won’t regret it! Oh hey – follow my daily travels on Twitter (@FOX6Tony) and Facebook ( or email me and suggest some Milwaukee places you’d like me to visit (or invade)!