Team: Nicole Koglin

My cat’s name is Mo (after Missouri where I found him as a stray).

Yes, my obnoxious laugh is genuine.

I’ve had the same best friend since 7th Grade.

I talk in my sleep & sing in my car.

Watch out, Milwaukee! I’ve had the privilege of Waking Up this great city for 6 years. Now you’ll get to hear what I REALLY think. I went to college at University of Wisconsin-Madison. That’s where I jumped around at Camp Randall, supported my fair share of State Street bars and earned my BA in Journalism. My early TV news jobs took me to both Idaho and Missouri. September 2004 is when I came home and joined the morning news team at FOX 6. I’ve been dreading the sound of my alarm clock and missing my night life ever since. Follow me on Twitter @wakeupkoglin!