Team: Katrina Cravy

When I call friends, I hardly ever say, “Hey it’s Katrina.” I just start talking. Person on the other line says, “Hello.” They’re blasted with something like, “You’ll never believe what….” It probably takes everyone a split second to process it’s me, but that’s okay. I just don’t have a lot of time for introductions and they know me. Now, you’re going to know me the same way my friends do. I’ve been a news anchor and the Contact 6 reporter for 12 years, but “Real Milwaukee” will expose the side of me you’ve never seen. You’re going to be inside my house, inside some important family moments, inside my thoughts (and trust me when I say that’s a cluttered place). When you see our awesome team, you’ll realize they have a way of making you talk and I couldn’t be happier. Just at the time my family needed it the most, I’m getting mommy hours and a whole new challenge. Can you say Divine Intervention? Real Milwaukee is bubbling to the brim with personality. We’re going to be talking and tackling issues important to you and your families. I’ll still be doing Contact 6 so expect some money-saving, scam-busters to be thrown into the mix. I like to think of Real Milwaukee as a hyper, hyper-local, timely, friendly, wide-ranging, mass conversation. So when you call me up, we’ll just start talking. Find me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: