Team: Cassandra McShepard

Cassandra was born, raised and educated in Milwaukee. After following her dream of designing for the stars on the west coast, she returned home to design the next phase of her life. “I believe that life is an opportunity waiting for direction,” says Cassandra. That direction was aimed towards media. Cassandra landed a job on WMCS as a mid-day talk show host where she used her talents, wisdom and outrageous sense of humor to enlighten and encourage he listening audience to live their dreams “Out Loud.” Cassandra has continued to share her vision through “This Is What I Know So Far,” a Motivational video blog. Cassandra describes herself as a working artist. “It’s a choice, I believe. Talent means never having to say I’m hungry.” Cassandra exercises that choice everyday as a Fashion Designer, Motivational Speaker, Jazz Vocalist and Spokesperson for the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute. “I am thrilled to be a part of Real Milwaukee.  I’ve felt at home from the very beginning and I’m looking forward to learning from my very talented co-hosts Katrina, Nicole and Rob.” “I’m not finished talking yet.” Visit